Dear all,

Please find below money transfer details to support Ukrainian Army and refugees or migrants from Ukraine. All money transfers should include the following description:

“Donation for Ukraine” (together with the name of the company or person donating the funds).

The LILI FOUNDATION operates in accordance with the provisions of the Act of April 6, 1984. on Foundations (i.e. on November 18, 2020r. Journal of Laws of 2020, item 2167).



National Insurance Number (NIP) 5842814881
Bank Currency Account Number SWIFT Santander
PLN: 47 1090 1102 0000 0001 4987 5606

EUR: PL 07 1090 1102 0000 0001 4987 5647

USD: PL 22 1090 1102 0000 0001 4987 5668

National Court Registration Number (KRS) 0000957892
Tax Identification Number (NIP) 5842814881

Currency Account Number
PLN: 27 1600 1462 1800 8316 0000 0001

EUR: PL 97 1600 1462 1800 8316 0000 0002

USD: PL 70 1600 1462 1800 8316 0000 0003

The seat of the Foundation is the city of Gdańsk, Grunwaldzka Str. 345/347/1316, 80-309 GDAŃSK.
The minister in charge of the “LILI Foundation”, selected for the purposes of the foundation, is the Minister of Interior and Administration.

The objectives of the foundation are:

1. to help war refugees from Ukraine;

2. to help economic migrants from Ukraine;

3. to help citizens of Ukraine, both at homeland and abroad, due to Russian aggression.

LILI Foundation uses a distinctive graphic sign.

LILI Foundation is registered in the National Court Register: 0000957892.

LILI Foundation operates in the Republic of Poland and abroad. To achieve its objectives, the Foundation may support the activities of other legal entities and individuals, whose activities are consistent with the objectives of the Foundation. The Foundation may pursue its statutory objectives also through membership in organizations, bringing together Polish and foreign foundations, with statutory objectives concurrent or identical to those of the Foundation.

The aim of the Foundation is to support citizens of Ukraine due to the outbreak of war on 24.02.2022 and Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2022. The Foundation supports refugees and economic migrants coming to the territory of the Republic of Poland from Ukraine. The task of the Foundation is also to provide material support to Ukrainian citizens remaining in Ukraine, those fighting against the occupying forces as well as those in hiding on account of the ongoing military operations.

The Foundation pursues its goals by organizing:

a. in-kind contributions collection;
b. cash collections;
c. accommodation;
d. temporary shelters;
e. public and free canteens;
f. transportation and storage of acquired donations and materials;
g. distribution of acquired funds, contributions and materials to those in need on the territory of the Republic of Poland and Ukraine.

The revenues of LILI Foundation are:

1. donations, inheritances and bequests;
2. grants, donations and subsidies;
3. income from collections and public as well as private events;
4. income from movable and immovable property;
5. income from festivals, competitions, and auctions;
6. profits from deposits in banks and capital market institutions domestically and abroad;
7. income from the foundation’s economic activity;
8. interest amount awarded by a competent authority;
9. benefits for a social purpose awarded in accordance with Article 448 of the Civil Code.

All income generated by the Foundation will be allocated for the statutory purposes of the Foundation, i.e. for public benefit purposes.

Legal entities and individuals, as well as unincorporated units, making donations or subsidies of a value exceeding on a one-off basis, or successively over a period of one year, the equivalent of €3,000 (three thousand euro) calculated according to the average exchange rate set by the National Bank of Poland on the day of making the payment to the account or cash desk of the LILI Foundation, upon the respective agreement shall obtain the honorary title of “Sponsor of the Foundation”.

The title of “Foundation Sponsor” is personal. In addition to the title of “Sponsor of the Foundation”, it may constitute other titles, diplomas, and medals of honor, and grant them to legal entities and individuals, as well as unincorporated units, meritorious in achieving the objectives of the LILI Foundation or for the Foundation itself.

Income from business activities will be allocated by the Foundation to achieve the statutory objectives and to achieve public benefit purposes. Economic activity may be intended, among others, in a separate form – by facilities and other organizational units, hereinafter referred to as “Establishments”. Economic activity conducted by the Foundation is additional to the public benefit activities resulting from the provisions of the Articles of Association.